49ers to wear 1994 red throwbacks for four home games this season

49ers to wear 1994 red throwbacks for four home games this season

The 49ers announced Wednesday night they will wear their 1994 red throwback uniforms for four home games this season.

The classic uniform becomes the second throwback uniform for the 49ers, joining the popular ’94 white throwbacks that were brought back in 2018. The team will wear its white throwbacks for two road games.

The NFL allows teams to wear alternate uniforms twice per season, but the league granted the 49ers an exception in honor of their 75th anniversary.

The 1994 red throwbacks feature drop shadow numbers, three-stripe sleeves, black and red pant stripes, a throwback oval helmet decal on the side and a “saloon font” helmet front bumper. It pays homage to the team’s Super Bowl XXIX winning team.

This year’s jersey also will include the 49ers’ diamond-shaped 75th anniversary patch, which is a nod to the NFL 75th anniversary patch worn across the league in 1994.

The ’94 red throwbacks will debut in the team’s home opener on NBC’s Sunday Night Football against the Packers in Week 3. The 49ers also will wear the red throwbacks on Sunday Night Football in Week 7 against the Colts, on Monday Night Football against the Rams in Week 10 and in Week 15 against the Falcons.

The 49ers will wear the ’94 white throwbacks for their prime-time road games at Seattle and at Tennessee.