Nintendo’s developer interview series returns

Nintendo’s developer interview series returns

One of the many highlights of Satoru Iwata’s reign at Nintendo was his series of Iwata Asks interviews – intimate, insightful and always entertaining chats between the president and the developers that started in the Wii era and carried on until Iwata’s untimely death in 2015, they’re some of the finest pieces of games journalism online.

After an understandable hiatus, Nintendo has introduced a new similarly-themed series simply called ‘Ask the Developer’, with the first installment focussing on the recently released Game Builder Garage. It’s a gentle, informative and enlightening read, even if it’s short on any major revelations (although it’s opened my eyes to the stylish lab coats all Nintendo developers seem to wear at the moment).

The interview comes as Game Builder Garage gets a free demo on Nintendo Switch, with the first of its seven lessons now available to download from the eShop.

It also suggests we’ll be getting more ‘Ask the Developer’ interviews in the future as Nintendo kickstarts the series.

The entire Iwata Asks series is available to browse online on Nintendo’s site, if you’re looking for an excellent way to spend an afternoon. Ask Iwata, a brilliant book that compiled some of Iwata’s own wisdom, was released earlier this year should you be after some further reading too.