Winner of BrewDog ‘solid gold’ can finds out it’s actually only gold-plated

Winner of BrewDog ‘solid gold’ can finds out it’s actually only gold-plated

A brewery’s competition to win a solid gold can has been slammed by its winner after the prize turned out to be gold-plated and unlikely to be worth its reported £15,000 value.

Mark Craig had hoped to pay for his wedding by selling the special Punk IPA tin he won in a Willy Wonka-style draw.

The 32-year-old beer lover was one of ten punters who got lucky in the competition set up by the multinational firm based in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

But was “ecstatic” when he found out he had won, but was was gutted when it arrived and discovered the can was mere brass, not gold.

He said that when he contacted the company they said the ‘solid-gold’ claim was an error.

Mark told the Scottish Sun: “I wanted to sell the can and contacted BrewDog for any certification they had.

“The certificate they sent said it was gold-plated but they promoted it as solid gold. When I contacted them they told me the ‘solid gold’ claim was an error.”

Mark from Lisburn, Northern Ireland, claimed they told him it was a “typo” but they continue to claim its £15,000 value is due to its rarity, with only 50 produced.

Mark added: “I ultimately feel disappointed. When I won I was ecstatic, believing a solid gold can could contribute towards bills and our wedding, which has been postponed until 2022.”

BrewDog said it had apologised to Mark for “erroneous use of the phrasing ‘solid gold’.

A spokesman said: “Once the error was flagged, we immediately removed or changed all such mentions.

“The phrasing in question was never included in the terms and conditions of the competition, nor in the wording informing winners of their prize.

“We believe the £15,000 valuation is reasonable based on multiple factors including the price we paid for manufacture and the rarity of the cans.”